The Pathogold - Pathology Management Software

We take pleasure in informing you that we have launched PathoGold Extension Studio (Pathology Management Software), a revolutionary Laboratory management software which is complete offline-online model of laboratory management software launched in the market. Avail power packed features on your Smart Phones & Tablets to do more business. It’s connecting you to the WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES!

Pathogold Profile

Pathology Management Software

Pathogold - Pathology management software is a unique combination of offline and online software.It needs a fraction of internet connection to deliver report to destination. It provides a technologically advanced alternative to Cloud based softwares which needs 100% internet connection to deliver the reports.Thus, Pathogold (Pathology management software) is a desktop based software which runs fastest execution and delivers reports online.

Pathology Management Software

Reports can be send directly to patients, physicians, referral doctors via mobile app, email and SMS. Thereby speeding up the patient treatment cycle, connectivity among the pathology labs and clinics, and increases satisfaction level of patients.

Laboratory Management software

The Laboratory management software is easy to understand. Any user, with a minimal training can start using Pathogold instantly.

Pathogold Features

Laboratory Management software

PATHOGOLD - Laboratory management software is the most User-friendly, Robust, Easy to use, Easy to Install, No maintenance Laboratory software in the market today.

Diagnostics management software

Do more business with less investments.

Diagnostics management software

Now available power packed features on your Smart Phones, Tablets to do more business for you.

Pathology software

Pathogold Laboratory management software allows you to define each user’s level of access to the system.

Diagnostics management software

Allows to operate Pathology lab and thereby giving them reports to the patients, physicians,referral doctors and phlebotomists.

Reports can be send directly through email,app or SMS to physicians, consultant or even to patients thereby speeding up the patient treatment cycle.

Pathology software

No high end computer is required for the software. Pathogold can be installed on a PC with low configuration with a fragment on internet connection.


Pathogold Pathology management software generates reporting, referral, billing, inventory, accounting, calculation, search all in one package.

Pathology management software

Pathogold is a search engine for labs. Patient can search a network of laboratory / Diagnostic Centre near to their areas.

Pathology management software

Pathogold Pathology management software is a desktop based software and a rare combination of offline-online LIMS software.

Pathology management software

Your data stays on your local computer only. Unlike Cloud based softwares, your data is locally secured

Pathology management software

No need to be worried about your data loss. Your data is secured on your pc, which is protected by username and password.

Pathogold Plans

Pathogold Smartphone App

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Now available power packed features on your Smart Phones, Tablets to do more business for you. Its connecting to the WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES!!!

The best app you can find in the playstore for Lab, Patient, Phlebotomist and
Referral Doctor. So many features in one app. Just download it and connect
to the world just in one click.

Steps for Download:

1. Go to playstore in your android phone

2. Type "Pathogold" in Play store search bar.

3. Select Pathogold from the list.

4. Click on install button.

5. Wait for installation and get into the world of Pathogold.

a. Patients can book appointments online.

b. Patients can see their reports anytime they want.

c. Health details can be transformed into graphical format.

d. The app can be used by: 1) Patient 2) Phlebotomists 3) Lab 4) Referal Doctor.

e. Phlebotomists can assign the area themeselves.

f. Referal doctor can see the refered patient records.


List of instruments can be interfaced with Pathogold - Pathology management software

instrument image

Cellenium 18/19

Celltac 6420/6410

Celltac Alpha

Coulter ActiDiff

Micros 60

BC3000 plus

Swelab Alfa

Mindray BS 480



ERMA PC 210/170

Medonic CA620

Medonic M16

Medonic M20

BC 1800,BC2300,BC3000,BC 3600

Beckman Coulter LH750

Beckman Coulter



Rapidchem 744

Mythic 18/22

Sysmex KX21

Sysmex Poch 100i


Nihon Cohden

Clinitek Status

Mindray BS 380

Mispa Neo

Apart from these instruments, Pathogold can be interfaced with 500+ machines

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In this, software runs in the offline mode and send reports online. Therefore, that does not requires dedicated internet connection
The data will be saved on your local computer. It is recommended to take back up of data on a regular basis.
The data is stored on your local computer. So you do not have to worry about safety of your data.
Absolutely not! As the data is protected by user name and password, nobody except you can see your data/information.
You can buy the Pathogold Pathology management software by credit/Debit card or netbanking from Member Area Our products.
Once payment is done. You can activate the software by following instructions given after payment.
You can deposit payment in any bank account, check bank details attached, after payment, send the screenshot of transaction on WhatsApp (+91 9011026090).
Constant research has been made on the Pathogold Pathology management software. Once the update is available, you will get updates absolutely free of cost. Please check your member area on regular basis to get special discounts and offers or software updates.
Yes, we always welcome new suggestions and improvements for our software. You can write suggestions in the suggestion box in member area.
You have been given training material on line in your member area. You can learn from the same. Our support department is handy in case of your queries. Also, you can download user manual from the download section of member area. For more information Contact us
You must have computer/laptop with following minimum requirement: Pentium IV processor & above, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB HDD, windows XP or above and a fragment of internet or data card. Installation will just take around 15 minutes and the software is ready to use.
The software is available in Windows Operating System. The software requires any windows OS from windows XP to any above OS.
SMS and email is sent to patient when their report is ready. SMS pack needs to be purchased seperately. Once the patient is registered, the SMS will sent automatically to his/her mobile. International customers have to use their own SMS service.
Reports are available anywhere, anytime and using mobile app, reports can be downloaded. For this facility mobile app must be purchased. You can buy mobile application from member area.
Pathogold offers Reporting, Billing, Accounting, Inventory, Search Engine, Compliments, Fastest Execution and so many other features are available with the software that you do not need to buy any other software.
Yes, Pathogold is a search engine for lab. Patient can locate a lab nearest to their location also, he can get appointment, reports, bill through Pathogold mobile application.
Anyone can download mobile app at If not, go to Play Store and search for "Pathogold".
Patient can locate a lab nearest to their location also, he can get appointment, reports, bill through Pathogold mobile application. With this he will be notified by email and SMS when their reports are ready.